Facilitator: Dana Brechtel

Dana had her first experience with yoga during a very stressful and emotionally difficult season of life. That first day on the mat felt like a way to exhale and find some breathing room and space to heal. From that first experience, yoga has been a gift in helping to create a sense of support in her life mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The word yoga means “union” or “to yoke together” and in this way, Dana has found yoga to be a supportive way to bring so many things together in her journey of healing.

Dana has received over 800 hours of training including basic yoga teacher training, Faith-Centered yoga, and Healing Emphasis Yoga training which includes the modalities of Yin, Yoga Nidra, Restorative yoga, Chair yoga, and Core Stress Release. Outside of this formal training, Dana’s biggest teachers in life have been her husband and children and the time they share together day by day growing in love and connection.

About Therapeutic Yoga:

Therapeutic yoga is very gentle and restorative in nature and promotes a general sense of well- being in mind, body, and soul through using the breath, physical movement, and purposeful attention or mindfulness. It is a wonderful compliment to those engaging in therapy because it allows for a way to feel and make connections in the body that are happening in the mind and emotions. It can also provide a way to practice skills for self-regulation and self-care while strengthening the mind-body connection. She has found that when we feel supported physically, we can learn to relax muscles and let go of tension patterns to begin to feel more safety and connection in our bodies.

As a teacher, Dana loves to make yoga accessible to anyone, no matter their level of mobility or fitness. More than that, she enjoys finding a way for yoga to feel really good and comfortable especially for those new to yoga and trying something unfamiliar.

Current Groups

4 Week Group

Day/Time: Tuesdays at 11am

Cost: $165

Drop-in Sessions

If you would like to try out Therapeutic Yoga before committing to a group, feel free to sign up here:

Day/Time: Saturdays at 10am

Tuesdays at 11am

Cost: $45

Space is limited to 6 participants per workshop.

Feel free to arrive 5-10 minutes early, grab a drink and/or snack, and get comfortable in the space. All materials/equipment is provided. You are welcome to bring your own mat if that feels more comfortable for you.

*Cancellation policy – in order to get a refund or reschedule, please cancel your group 48 hours before the first date of your group by contacting Noel@thewellmesa.com