Our deepest and most primal wounds come from our attachment experiences. Is anyone there if we need them? Will our needs be welcomed? Too much? Will we be safe? Will we be understood and seen with compassion? Will we be loved unconditionally? How we show up in relationships as adults is largely impacted by the answer to these questions. Most of us are in the process of undoing, redoing, and reframing these attachment wounds so that we can have healthy and thriving relationships. This group is designed through the lens of hope and restoration. We can have intimate and loving relationships with ourselves and others. We will be learning embodied resources connected to our attachment needs that allow our nervous systems to both self-regulate and co-regulate. We will use a mix of art therapy, psychodrama and somatic resources to explore and rebuild our attachments together. Come along!


  • Explore Core Attachment Needs

  • Identify attachment resources (protective, nurturing, and wise)
  • Move into new ways of attaching (out of anxious/avoidant)
  • Build confidence in secure self
  • Develop capacity to reach for others

Is This For Me?

This group would be supportive for those who:

  • Identify with having “trust issues” or “struggle with commitment”

  • Struggle to feel secure in relationships
  • Continue repeating unhealthy/toxic patterns
  • Struggle with codependency and healthy boundaries
  • Want to deepen/strengthen their current relationships
  • Are parents looking to do something different with their own children

Upcoming Group Information

  • Time: 6 weeks, 1 hour each
  • Cost: $85/week; or $510 total
    • This group has a one time $20 supply cost. Once you sign up, we will charge you for supplies to hold your spot.

2023 Upcoming Dates:


  • Fridays:
    • Jan 13 – Feb 17 | 8:00 am – with Brittany
    • Apr 21 – May 26 | 8:30 am – with Brittany


  • Wednesdays: Apr 5 – May 10 |9:00 am – with Brittany
Please submit the contact form to sign up.