Processing trauma takes intention and time. So many of our stories have layers that unfold in unexpected ways and need our loving attention in order to heal. This intensive group is designed to take the time and space you need with the level of support your trauma asks of you. We use pyschodrama as the main vehicle to process while accessing art therapy and sensorimotor resources to help embody the work week to week. This unique and sacred space is waiting for you if and when you need it.

What Will I Gain?

  • Identifying attachment wounds, core beliefs, shame shadows and core emotions related to your trauma story
  • Space to move through a difficult part of your story
  • Decrease trauma symptoms
  • Integrate more embodied resources
  • Deepen sense of compassion and empathy for self and others
  • Experience safe and supportive connections
  • Learning how to receive support while in distress
  • Integrate child part/wounded part of self

Is This For Me?

This group would be supportive for those who

  • Have resources and want to explore your story/narrative 
  • Have a piece of your story that feels hard to process 
  • Have ongoing PTSD symptoms
  • Feel stuck in repeating triggers/patterns
  • Feel you or your story are a burden to others
  • Are unsure if you have trauma but still have difficulty in relationships

Upcoming Group Information

  • Time: 10 weeks, 1.5 hour each
  • Cost: $125/session; or $1250 total

Led by Brittany Johnson LPC and Noel D’Avy LPC

2023 Upcoming Dates


  • Thursdays:
    • Sep 28 – Dec 14 (off 10/12 & 11/23) | 9:00am

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