Empathy & Authenticity

We do this work alongside you, sharing the pain and joy as we find the road to healing together. We believe a strong foundation of trust is necessary to doing good work together in a space free of judgment and full of compassion.


Because each person’s healing path looks different, we create a path together using your wisdom and our skills to work as a team. We listen to what works and does not work for you and shift to find the right fit. We are ready to explore a variety of options when it makes sense for you. Creativity, for us, is about taking healthy risks, having courage, owning our mistakes and accepting what comes to the surface as we explore your story with curiosity and compassion.

Equality & Diversity

We believe that all human beings have innate worth and value and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. The Well is a place that sides with the outcast and the powerless and will not tolerate any form of discrimination. We stand for and with those who are oppressed in our community and acknowledge our country’s history of oppression and abuse of BIPOC and LGBTQIA. We are actively committed to listening and advocating for these groups of people – not as experts but as learners and fellow human beings. This value also means that The Well will actively hire and seek out a diverse team of highly trained clinicians.


We have a faith background and believe that each person’s view of spirituality is important to the whole person and process of healing. We hold spirituality in high regard and honor each person’s unique set of beliefs while also holding deeply to our own.

Consistent Responsible Care

We are committed to a deep process and will reserve this space for you as long as you need it. We will consider all options and coordinate the best treatment plan we can for your specific needs. This means that if we do not feel we have what you need, we will refer and connect you to the right fit.

Loving our City

We are committed to the flourishing of our city, Mesa, Arizona. By this we mean we develop intentional partnerships and relationships that allow the local community to access quality therapy. Because of this core value we are intentionally located in the downtown Mesa area in order to be close to transportation, community resources, and to be in the heart of the city that we love.