Everyone’s journey to healing looks different and we want to provide varying pathways for each person to get to counseling and have access to quality therapy.


We focus on connecting clients with current and available resources before, during, and after their process. We utilize the community and each person’s relationships to help them through their healing – this journey is not designed to be done alone.


We use a creative combination of research-based therapies that best fit the client’s needs, including EMDR, Psychodrama, Sensorimotor, Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Art Therapy. We are highly-trained professionals who take seriously the clients we see and the ways in which we guide them in treatment.


The work we do together is purposeful, deep, and messy. We provide safe and consistent space to engage the process through our art studio and experiential tools.


The work we do together has a clear goal: embodiment of your true self and relief from symptoms of trauma. Being connected to your mind and heart is a healing experience and we hope that it is an ongoing one that each client takes back with them to their neighborhoods and homes. Ultimately healing is not just for the individual but we believe it is also for the flourishing of families, cities, and the world.