About me…

I am currently finishing my Master’s Degree in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling at Grand Canyon University. My goal is to help every client feel comfortable, seen, and valued. I plan to accomplish this by providing a welcoming and accepting atmosphere that promotes honesty and security within the therapeutic relationship. My undergrad is in cross-cultural studies and I am passionate about working with and knowing people from all different walks of life. I plan to help clients improve their thought life in order to transform their daily life. I find the seat as a counselor to be a great honor to know others’ stories in such an intimate way.

My hobbies include watching Survivor with my husband, painting, photography, and podcasts. As an extrovert, I also enjoy spending time with friends and family often. Alongside this, I also enjoy volunteering within the community through a variety of service projects through my own personal venture. I have also volunteered abroad serving in Togo, West Africa, Guyana, South America, Mexico, and Cambodia. These experiences have and continue to shape my counseling perspective.

Ages 8 and up


Teens and Young Adults

Catelin offers Telehealth sessions for those whose primary residence is in Arizona.

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