Moving Through Emotions

Having emotions is part of the human experience. This work of moving through our emotions is deeply connected to the work of healing trauma. We swim in a culture that is full of emotional unhealth; receiving messages about our emotional experience that teach us to deny, repress, avoid, manipulate, blame, or heighten how we feel. 

In this workshop we will explore the value and function of emotions and reorient to emotions in a more expansive way. Join us as we untangle, identify and connect to our emotions with touch drawing. No “art skills” needed to participate.

What will I Gain?

  • Understanding the function of emotions
  • Increasing emotional health and intelligence, and distress tolerance
  • Expanding language and expression of emotions
  • Differentiation between emotional states

This Workshop Supports:

  • Struggles to express emotions
  • Limited emotional experiences
  • Patterns of repressing or avoiding emotions
  • Fears or judgments around expressing emotions
  • Feelings of confusion or overwhelm

Therapist Expertise:

Our workshops are led by trained art therapists who have an integrated lens to support the complex needs that come with trauma.

We prioritize having a calm and welcoming space. We are here to help you find what you need.


  • 6 weeks, $85/week
  • $20 – one time supply cost
  • Location: The Unwell Studio

Workshop Stories:

 “This workshop felt safe and creative. I was able to just create and have fun and be able to release the negative and create from a positive place.”

Workshop Alumni

What Do You Need?