Art Journaling

Creating supports our brain’s need to  process and express information that can get stuck on repeat and feel overwhelming. Once we spill out the content, there is a lot of freedom and room to discover what is there and make sense of it, as well as feel relief.

These Art Journaling workshops give some space and tools to the non-verbal needs of our experiences, whether it be grief, recovery, expression, or play.  Each week, there will be room to explore and allow them space to be emptied out into an art journal. 

No creative experience is required for this process oriented group.  The goal is not to leave with something pretty and finished, but to give space for grief to be expressed and validated.

What will I Gain?

  • Strengthened mind/body connection
  • Increased self-compassion, shame resilience
  • Increased present moment awareness
  • Attunement to needs and desire
  • More capacity to identify and feel joy or calm
  • Playful and creative experiences

This Workshop Supports:

  • Feelings of being stuck
  • Unsure of what I feel
  • Desires to find something helpful, new, or playful
  • Unspoken needs
  • Stuck energy in the body
  • Parts work
  • Questions, fears, doubts

Therapist Expertise:

Our workshops are led by trained art therapists who have an integrated lens to support the complex needs that come with trauma.

We prioritize having a calm and welcoming space. We are here to help you find what you need.


  • 6 weeks, $85/week
  • $20 – one time supply cost
  • Location: The Unwell Studio

Workshop Stories:

“My experience with the art group was truly amazing for me. I found a way to vent my feelings and also learned more about myself. I learned to be messy and not worry about messing anything up. I learned to go with the flow. It was truly an amazing experience for me.”

Workshop Alumni

What Do You Need?