Grounding with the Senses

Becoming awake to the world around us requires we are awake to the world within us. Trauma takes us away from the present moment in order to survive. This Art Therapy group is all about exploring how our bodies can move from surviving to thriving, starting by entering the room with our own senses.

Each week we will explore a different one of our senses with a creative process. 

By focusing on one sense (touch, smell, taste, movement, sound, and sight) we bring our body and mind into the present moment and bring more attention and awareness to how we are experiencing things that bring joy, play, creativity, and rest. Our senses are a potent way to engage our nervous system and pair well with art making. Come as you are and deepen what it feels like to ground with your senses.

What will I Gain?

  • Stronger mind/body connection
  • Gather more tools that support you in your daily life
  • Distress tolerance
  • Increased present moment awareness
  • Attunement to needs and desire
  • More capacity to identify and feel joy or calm
  • Playful and creative experiences

This Workshop Supports:

  • Struggles to find and feel calm
  • Struggles with anxiety and overthinking,
  • Desires to feel calm in your body and/or mind
  • Difficulty being present / in the moment.
  • Longing to dive into more trauma/story processing

Therapist Expertise:

Our workshops are led by trained art therapists who have an integrated lens to support the complex needs that come with trauma.

We prioritize having a calm and welcoming space. We are here to help you find what ou need.


  • 6 weeks, $85/week
  • $20 – one time supply cost
  • Location: The Unwell Studio

Workshop Stories:

“Do it! Stretch yourself! It’s worth it! You are worth it!”

Workshop participant

“Low stress, low pressure. A space to come and play.”

Workshop Alumni

What Do You Need?