Reconnecting to the Body

It is not possible to process trauma without addressing the body. When we have survived many painful events, whether medical or emotional, we often disconnect from our body very easily. Trauma and trauma responses often hijack our ability to feel safe and cultural systems have encouraged or demanded us to disconnect from ourselves in order to survive. 

This slow, gentle introduction to the body is meaningful work. The healing work of repairing your relationship with your body starts with getting to know it again, spending time noticing and describing your experience. This reorientation to internal felt resources will support your whole self to feel safe and trust your own nervous system again.

We will use mindfulness, guided imagery, and sensorimotor resources to identify what your body needs. This workshop  is an introduction to finding more resources and safety in the body by using Sensorimotor methods and mindfulness. Each week you will explore 2 different resources and each week you will find something that supports you, even if it is small.

What will I Gain?

  • Increased mind/body connection
  • Building language for internal experiences/sensations
  • Increase sense of safety and trust with the body
  • Practice attuning to the body
  • Identify resources in the body
  • Strengthening window of tolerance with the body

This Workshop Supports:

  • Struggles to ground or come back to the present
  • Feeling lost, disconnected from the body or self, or numb
  • Feeling unsafe in your body or hypervigilance, or high anxiety
  • Difficulty to identify or communicate what is happening in your body

Therapist Expertise:

Our workshops are led by trained art therapists who have an integrated lens to support the complex needs that come with trauma.

We prioritize having a calm and welcoming space. We are here to help you find what you need.


  • 6 weeks, $85/week
  • $20 – one time supply cost
  • Location: The Well Group Room

Workshop Stories:

“This group is a great way to connect with your body and bring about more realization of the mind/body connection.”

Workshop Alumni

“Impactful, grounding, calming, connecting.”

Workshop Attendant

“A great place to give yourself space and permission to be curious about your body. You’ll hear better afterwards.”

Workshop Alumni

What Do You Need?